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Get the Beach button on Chrome, Firefox or Safari and you can save web pages from inside your desktop browser.


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Beach is a social travel guide for planning your next vacation.

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Flexible menu expands as you and your friends save new content.

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Every destination has ready made search queries to jump-start your travel planning.

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Beach anything you find on the internet. The app automatically suggests destination tags.

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Go into Travel News to find curated articles from all over the web.

Beachapp helps you make travel plans


Our app has all the simplicity of your favorite pinning and clipping tools - Pinterest, Evernote, Pocket or Flipboard - but 100% travel-focused.


We have created over 14,000 destination tags. Use these tags to quickly save and share your travel ideas, including news, hotels, flights, anything you find on the web.


Check out our Travel News section for new ideas. We curate the latest travel articles from all over the web. Swipe the photos before you read. Post comments for your friends.